Looking for answers to frequently asked questions about keys and locks? Here you will find plenty and very helpful

Welcome to our dedicated locksmith FAQ page. Here you will find the answers to commonly asked questions on the operation and use of door locks and keys of different types. Take the time to read all the information carefully so that you can make effective use of it now and in the future.

Why do we need lock rekeying?

Lock rekey is necessary in very particular cases. When there is no reason to have the existing locks replaced but still there is need to have a different (new) key, the locks must be rekeyed. Rekeying will be required when the keys are stolen, many people have your keys, you move to a new place or an ex-boyfriend or co-tenant moves out.

My employer uses digital locks for our offices. Are there similar devices for home use?

Yes, there are more and more keyless entry systems being introduced to the homeowner market. Some of these electronic options use a keypad with pin code, biometrics, or even your smartphone. And if you’re not entirely ready to get rid of your mechanical keys, you can find a solution that combines digital features with a mechanical key.

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